High water

High water
West MacDonnell National Park, Australia

West MacDonnell National Park, Australia

We’d only come to the MacDonnell Ranges for a couple of nights, but such is the number of gorges snaking off the Namatjira Drive you could stay here a week exploring them all.

We went to Ormiston Gorge. There had been so much rain we found ourselves cut off half way into the walk. A couple of hikers were wading chest high across the other side, but I didn’t fancy carrying Aidan on my shoulders. It was warm enough to dry off quickly, but the water was still cold.

In the end we retreated, but it was a decent hike. A lot of people gathered at the water hole, including an entire family in Western Bulldogs supporter gear. They were hanging out for the Bulldogs to play Hawthorn (or was it GWS) in a few days’ time.

We couldn’t quite get brave enough to try the water, but we did back at Glen Helen in the gorge and river behind the caravan park. The water was fresh, cold and drinkable. Felt like swimming in a really clean dam with spectacular cliffs overlooking you as you swam.

We tried Serpentine, but only went on the mini walk as we headed off on the long drive to Kings Canyon. One thing you get used to here is a four or five hour drive. It just doesn’t mean much, and as it is basically non-stop at 100 km/h until you reach your next destination, easy driving too.


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