Return to Eden

Return to Eden
Eden, Australia

Eden, Australia

A return to Eden and Twofold Bay two years to the day. We rarely return to the same interstate holiday destination without good reason. I think it was the pool and jumping pillow that did it for us. And the summer weather that doesn’t incite bushfires and extreme sunburn. And Eden fish and chips. Possibly safe surf beaches and warmer water than Victoria too.

We did almost the same things as well. Bodyboarding at Eden and Pambula; snorkelling in the ebb and flow of the Nullican River; shopping in Merimbula (it rained the entire day – something it always does on holidays in Eden). We had the fish and chips, the kids played on the jumping castle and since our cabin was situated next to the tennis court, we had a hit twice a day.

We even drove down the same dirt track to Haycock Point, a beach with stark green waves and kangaroos and not many people. I was searching for an elusive cliff face I jumped off twenty years before on a youth camp. In one weekend I saw a black snake lazily slide through our camp site, the biggest goanna ever on the beach and a big sting ray that forced my hand and made me jump from the highest point of the rock (I thought it could stay in the bay and I’d land on it if I waited any longer). It was an amazing weekend, but for some reason I can’t actually remember driving to and from Eden, even though it would have taken seven hours.

I never did find the rock, much to Rosa’s disappointment.

Aidan again suffered from a slight frame and cold water. Up until the last day he stayed in the surf and the park pool a total of around five minutes. Rosa loved the boarding in Eden, even if the waves broke on the sand. There were some nice dunks. Josefa didn’t enjoy hers. She’s not a fan of surf beaches. Aidan prefers the spa. We spent a half hour a day in it, both legally and illegally. I snuck in without booking and the manager asked me gruffily if I could read (the sign said you needed to book). Multiple smart **** answers beckoned, but I kept quiet. We still had two nights left.

Melbourne baked, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Eden hit 30c. There’s a decidely cool breeze permenately coming off the Tasman Sea. It means a bit of shivering at the beach, but there’s no melting while struggling along the sand or few sleepless nights, which was welcoming coming off a week of 44c.

Eden is a bit of a old man’s retirement village. There was a load of houses and apartments for sale and lots of hotel vacancies. Not sure how popular it is anymore – definitely doesn’t seem like a decent holiday investment, but the weather and the beaches and the vast tracts of national parks make it a great place to relax. Nobody from NSW bothers to travel south for their holidays, so it’s rarely too busy. I can see why people who holiday in Eden stay in Eden. I remember a couple of families who religiously travelled north each year for a couple of weeks each summer and were happy to do it for twenty summers or more.

We’ll see how we go for 2016. By then Aidan may be able to cope with the cold(ish) water – although the sea is a nice temperature really, and if I can bring the golf clubs I’ll have more to do than brave the wind and the beach. That fish and chip shop on the jetty will still be there, anyway, it’s the most popular place in town.


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