Victor Harbor, Average Age 104

Victor Harbor, Average Age 104
Victor Harbor, Australia

Victor Harbor, Australia

We had several extra days in South Australia this time. I wasn’t sure quite what to do when planning the trip, but I’d never been to the Fleuriue Peninsula since we’d lived in Adelaide many, many years ago. Victor Harbor seemed the largest town of the lot, so I booked three nights there.

It was a sleepy town full of retired couples that looked like it lived two lives, one in summer and one out of season. I was happy for the easy nature of the town in Spring. Nice weather, but without the crowds.

We took the tram and horse to Granite Island on the first day, took a good hour walk around the island, clambered over rocks and ate our rolls. It was a leisurely few days that followed. Bit of a look around the Whale centre (tried some whale watching, no luck but they were out and about most days) and even went swimming with the weather hitting a rather balmy 23c. Absolutely freezing, but that didn’t stop Rosa. She stayed in an hour or so.

I could imagine the forshore swarming with kids in January here. There’s three huge pubs, but on a Tuesday night there was only a hanful of drinkers in them – although one still had security. The drive in bottle shop had a special ramp and entrance for motorised buggies. There was almost no graffiti in the town either – and every restaurant had pensioner nights. The Thai restaurant must have had it on a Tuesday, it was full. The Indian next door was almost empty. Even the surf shops had their music at respectable levels.

Kangaroo Island seemed another good alternative on the penninsula – but not at $180 per car and $90 per person for a 45 minute ferry ride. We had to make do with the photos of happy families walking through sunbaking seals along the beach. Looks great.


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