Groundhog Day via Hahndorf

Groundhog Day via Hahndorf
Hahndorf, Australia

Hahndorf, Australia

We booked a night in Hahndorf, mainly so Josefa could visit the Hahndorf Candle Store and buy one of those expensive German Pyramids or Schwibbogen decorations. Still not sure what she bought except we left the shop before she bought it, and she wouldn’t tell us how much it cost.

Hahndorf is the cultural (commercial?) heart of the German immigration experience in South Australia. They’ve left a decent mark, surviving Anglicization, planting vines and berry stores and brewing local beer.

A German guy working at a video production company we use told me Hahndorf was a like a “slap in the face” when he visited. I take that to mean it is German kitsch. Anyway, despite the cuckoo clock shops, I’ve always liked it, especially during the week when it’s not so busy.

We took a quick look up and down the shops, headed to the playground and then debated about dinner. I liked the look of the German pubs, Richard prefered the all you can eat buffet. We went for the all you can eat in the end, happy that it was “Chewsday” and the kids didn’t end up paying at all. Ate a lot, but that didn’t stop us buying a few donut pretzels at the German bakery.

Who knows what happens if we eventually get to Munich, between the Playmobil, the euro games, the marionettes and the German Christmas gifts AND the bakeries, we’d have to take out a second mortgage.

We also managed to visit BOTH the Melba Chocolate Factory (best chocolate frogs ever and, for the price, awesome chocolate) and the Giant Rocking Horse for the second time. Aidan was scared of the peacocks and we had a laugh at Rosa trying to outrun the alpacas with her feeding bucket.

Richard left us at Hahndorf and the four of us headed down to Victor Harbor.


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