Heading North-ish to Tourist Town Central

Heading North-ish to Tourist Town Central
Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

I don’t care that I’m from Melbourne. If I was recommending a city to tourists, Sydney would come far in front of my own city. We have cafes, theatre and the MCG. But can this really get anywhere near the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and decent weather?

It had been a good seven years or so since I’d last been up to Sydney. I don’t think I’d ever stayed longer than a few days either. This time we were there a week. Should have stayed longer – the trip up was traumatic without air-conditioning (long since died) and no cruise control. Man it was a bad trip. Hot, loud (we wound the windows down) and my back was ripped.

It took us a couple of days to recover. Great to see Chris and Michelle, old, good friends, and their two daughters though.

I’ve always loved ferry travel, and we took a nice long trip into Sydney on Easter Sunday. Great entrance into Sydney Cove. It always reminds of of New York (not that I’ve been there). The skyscrapers are bunched together like a packet of scotch fingers, not letting in the sun and creating a canyon of noise and lights and people.

There was an awesome outdoor playground right in the middle of the city swarming with kids. It was as if Amazon marching ants had descended on a carcass. Aidan got a bit beside himself, but getting their sock and shoes off and into a water fountain cooled things down.

Circular Quay was just as exciting. That bridge is awesome too. Tourists from overseas must take in a big breath standing next to the Opera House looking over to the Harbour Bridge and think, “We’re here!”

Lunch at a Korean restaurant – we destroyed it – and a good walk around the main streets to the QVB only to find the awesome hobby shop closed. Didn’t stop us marvelling at the building itself.

Sydney has some great parks as well – that’s national parks. In the Northern Suburbs, anyway. If you look at Google maps it is as if the suburbs are squashed between three or four pieces of broccoli. There’s a lot of green in Sydney! No wonder the traffic is so bad.

Anyway, we had a good bush walk in Ku-Ring-Gai National Park and finished it off with a picnic. Wonderful weather again and good to spend some leisurely time with friends.

We made sure we took two days to drive back home. Seriously, ten hours is too long with kids in the car. I spent too long in the Don Bradman Cricket Museum in Bowral for Jo’s liking. But lots more stops – Moss Vale, Goulburn…we even stayed overnight in Yass. Not particularly exciting towns, although I’ve always liked Gundagai, but Bowral is quite beautiful. Nice place to play cricket! Could have spent even longer in the musem, but would have liked some more interactive exhibits for the kids. Surely a batting machine wouldn’t have been out of the question?

A good Easter, despite the trip up and back. Just need to change the car over for something comfortable! I could spend a lot longer in Sydney. Definitely the place to head, despite the traffic and cost, if you’re visiting the east coast of Australia. Sorry Melbourne!


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