Noosa is still a nice place to be

Noosa is still a nice place to be
Noosa, Australia

Noosa, Australia

Mum and I went to Noosa on a tour way back during Expo 88. I remember the beach, but I don’t remember the town being this busy! The coastal road to Noosa is a meandering, one lane jaunt but Noosa itself is such a bustling place full of new homes and units and surfers.

We headed out of town to the Noosa National Park. Great place to escape the midday sun and the crowds from the Jazz Festival. A walk through the gum trees isn’t what I thought Noosa was about. We finished it watching long board riders on the rocky back beach overlooking the park.

Made a side visit to some of Mum’s friends up from Melbourne at the caravan park. Stayed too long, but it’s difficult when you’ve got Mum on one side enjoying a cup of tea while I’m out kayaking up the river and then on the other hand Aidan is tired, Rosa is crying with an ant bite and Jo is furious. I got us out of there an hour too late. Enough for Jo to be angry for the rest of the day. The pitfalls of travelling with two families.

It became almost oppressive with the heat trying to find parking and carrying Aidan around. This was the week after winter had ended. Unsure what summer is like (I’ve only been here in September) but it must take a good while to get used to. Luckily it clouded over in the afternoon.


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